Citizens Who Care

Formed in the Fall of 2012, Milwaukee Animal Alliance (MAA) is a grassroots organization that encourages and promotes transforming Milwaukee County into a no kill community; a place where healthy and treatable animals are not destroyed in our municipal shelter using our tax dollars and resources because there are proven ways to save them.  There are hundreds of no kill communities across the country where the lives of shelter animals are saved while still ensuring public safety and fiscal responsibility. Those places don’t have any of the resources we don’t have right here; and it is our position that our community is smart enough, creative enough and progressive enough to do better using our tax dollars.

Currently, more than 2,250 animals get put down in Milwaukee County every year. That’s over 43 animals per week each week of the year, all paid for by the taxpayers.  The average citizen is sadly unaware of that statistic. We believe that significantly lowering the kill rate in Milwaukee County is highly achievable by using methods proven to be successful in other U.S. cities nationwide.

In our role as an advocacy group, we seek to become irrelevant. When Milwaukee County starts saving at least 90% of its homeless pets, we will no longer be needed. Until that time, we serve to share proven ideas from other No Kill communities. We are cheerleaders for change, stewards of public tax dollars, and watchdogs of the animals’ lives.

Our primary mission is to see an increase in the number of adoptable animals saved at Milwaukee animal control (otherwise known as Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission, and/or MADACC) while ensuring the existence of a humane environment and proper care. Progressive cities are changing the way animal control does business, reconciling the need to protect the public with the goal of saving animals’ lives. 70% of pet owners say they believe animal shelters should only be allowed to euthanize animals if they are too sick to be treated or too aggressive to be adopted.

As taxpayers who fully fund MADACC, we have a right and responsibility to have a voice in the outcome of our community’s animals. Upon our formation, MAA asked for the creation of a Citizen’s Participation Committee. Many cities across the nation have these beneficial committees in place. The Committee would work hand in hand with MADACC staff and the Board of Directors to fulfill MADACC’s mission and contract obligations, including (as their contract states) to “use euthanasia as a last resort”. The MADACC Operations Committee rejected the offer. They seem to have no interest in allowing taxpayers to be involved with their own shelter. MAA does not understand why they refused an idea that would help save more lives at MADACC.

Our community-driven objective is to enforce transparency in policy, data, and purpose at MADACC, so that citizens are aware and involved in how their taxes are being distributed for animal welfare within Milwaukee County. This is about organizational policies and practices, not particular individuals. We are exercising our simple right as tax paying citizens and calling for change.

We very much look forward to the day when each and every homeless animal here is saved.

smiley​” The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated. I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man. “

– Gandhi

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