Hometown Pride Means Hometown Pets


Charity begins at home, so Adopt Local!

PrintLook no further than the shelters and rescues listed below where you can adopt a wide variety of Made In Wisconsin pets. With 75% or more of their adoptables being from Wisconsin, they are committed to saving local homeless animals. These groups value the homeless pets in our own backyard, and work hard to help them.

Milwaukee Animal Alliance supports Wisconsin shelters and rescues that address the needs of our local animals. We champion the groups listed below because they do not make it a practice to transport shelter pets in from other states. Wisconsin has wonderful pets right here that need homes. We believe the shelters and rescues below are making the best use of time, money, and resources to help Wisconsin’s homeless animals. And for that, we are grateful! Please show your appreciation for their commitment to local shelter pets by supporting, donating, and volunteering!

Thank you to Sheriff David A. Clark Jr., Dear Ruthie, Alderman Bob Donovan, Police Officers Elbert and Haffner, Jonathan Greenfield, Bonesy & Dollface, and Travis Beckum for supporting this campaign and lending their time to celebrate local adoption!


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