Questions, Answers & Misconceptions

Here are some statistics and facts about Milwaukee County shelters you may not be aware of…

  • The shelter has to kill animals because there is an overpopulation problem. There are too many animals and not enough homes.
    2.7 million adoptable pets will be killed in the shelters this year, yet 24 million people will be getting new pets this year. It is a MYTH that there are not enough homes. Data gathered from national organizations has shown that with effective marketing and good sheltering practices there are enough homes for all of the healthy treatable homeless shelter animals in America.
  • No kill animal sheltering is too expensive.
    Life-saving animal sheltering actually saves the taxpayer’s money by effectively using resources available in the community. It costs more to house, put down, and then dispose of a pet’s body than to adopt him or her out. In addition, communities that support their shelter donate more, adopt more, and volunteer more! More adoptions will bring higher tax revenues by the increased need for pet-related services. Learn more in this great article: Dollars & Sense: The Economic Benefits of No Kill
  • The shelter has to put down animals because the “irresponsible public” dump their animals there. If more people were responsible and spayed and neutered their pets we wouldn’t have this problem.
    A small portion of the public may fall into this category. But the majority of the public are compassionate animal lovers who want to help. The public is what will make the difference: in terms of adoptions, volunteerism, donations, foster care, and other community support. The “irresponsible public” that shelters blame for their killing, is the same public who has made it possible for shelters around the country to improve live saving efforts to near or exceeding 90%.
  • Don’t bash the shelter. They are only trying to help.
    MADACC is fully funded by taxpayer’s money. Each of us has the right to know how our tax dollars are being spent and to insist that they be used wisely. We are exercising our simple right as tax paying citizens of Milwaukee County. This is about organizational policies and practices, not particular individuals.
  • No kill animal sheltering is cruel because it means animals will be housed indefinitely even if they are sick or dangerous. It is unsafe for the public because dangerous animals will be adopted out.
    No kill animal sheltering has generous allowances. It focuses on returning lost pets to their owners and then saving the remaining healthy or treatable animals and finding them new homes through effective marketing and community outreach. Those animals that are hopelessly ill or dangerously aggressive are euthanized.
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