Get Involved


 1.  Write a letter, email, or make an appointment to meet your Mayor, Alderperson, or MADACC Board member to express your concerns. This will go a very long way in creating an improved shelter. As taxpayers who fully fund MADACC, we all have a say. Voicing your sincere care and concern will  help our animals.

2. Attend monthly MADACC Operations Committee meetings. Stay updated on the current happenings, and understand how your tax dollars are being spent. They are typically the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 1pm at MADACC. Check out our Events page for dates.

3. Attend MADACC’s Public Listening Sessions. MADACC has DISCONTINUED these sessions. Once per quarter, MADACC holds Listening Sessions. Citizens can email their question or comment into and the Executive Director will answer it there. Questions MUST be emailed in beforehand. For some odd reason, MADACC will not take live questions at the session. Check out our Events page for dates. You can read the minutes from past Listening Sessions on MADACC’s website.

4. Get involved! Advocate. Donate. Volunteer. Foster. Adopt. And check out Saving90 for more information on how to reform your animal shelters:

How You Can Fix The Problem




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