MAA's vision for Milwaukee...

Five changes MAA aspires towards to significantly improve the quality of life and future of Milwaukee’s lost and homeless animals:

(MAA supports MADACC’s recent efforts to do better. Some of the items listed here have improved or are improving.)

  • vision1We want fewer animals to end up at MADACC – high volume, low cost spay/neuter program; Trap Neuter Release (TNR) program for cats.
  • vision2If animals do end up at MADACC, we want them to have proper care—meaningful human interaction upon arrival; enrichment activities; appropriate veterinary care; and sanitary facilities (revisit the UC-Davis report recommendations).
  • vision3We want more animals to leave MADACC alive—fair behavior evaluations; foster/adoption program with a commitment of full support for the foster animals; on-site and other adoption events; timely marketing of adoptable animals; medical and behavioral rehabilitation; community pet retention education; maximize opportunities for animals to be reunited with their owners; coordination with groups to provide resources to help pets to stay in their home in times of need; recruitment of more rescues; procedures to facilitate ease of transfer of animals to approved rescues.
  • blancheWe want positive interface between MADACC and the community it serves—excellent customer service; increased public awareness of MADACC services; community outreach; a respectful and welcoming volunteer program; open lines of communication with the Executive Director; an end to the banning of volunteers, rescues, and citizens for unjustifiable reasons.
  • vision5We want commitment on the part of MADACC’s Executive Director and Board of Directors to move forward with progressive reforms—published quantifiable goals and timelines; transparency; accountability; and a formation of a Citizen’s Participation Committee.
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